22 April 2012

On a Countdown.

I am on several countdowns!!!!

I am now within 10 tarts to being done on my Pies and Tarts quilt.  I have 3 sleeps till I leave for 5 days of sewing with some fantastic friends and 1 month till I have 2 weeks at home by myself (with Buddy the dog) while husband travels with Son1 to visit Daughter and Son 2 and girlfriend in England.

I didn't think I would make the Pies and Tarts deadline (end of April) last week.  I still had quite a few to go - all hand stitched, but this weekend I have really pulled out all stops.  A trip shopping with Dearest Darling in Albury gave me an hour there and back sewing time.  He needs new clothes for his travels.

If you have a husband who doesn't clothes shop until things are beyond repair you will understand my double excitement. Sewing and shopping ALL in one day.  Mind you, there were miniml shops involves and a promise of lunch out to smooth the way. 

I am almost ready for the 5 days away.   Only problem is what NOT to take.  I want to have finishitis while away, so planning on quilting 1 Flying Geese Quilt, finish several Michele Hill quilt tops, and maybe start Pies and Tarts quilting.  But then I need to take some hand sewing as well.  So by now you see my problem ...... so many quilts...so little time.....

When I get back hopefully I will have some finishes to share.  Wish me luck!

Happy quilting and happy days to all.


9 April 2012

Peace & Tranquility

A place to sit & ponder,
A place to sit & read,
A place to sit & sew,
A place I find myself so relaxed, I just sit & enjoy the surroundings.

I am very fortunate to own (with my husband) a little piece of tranquility in the Highlands, with a river of our very own. We call it Freedom Glen.

Fresh trout caught for Good Friday, a weekend of Peace; it really doesn't get any better.

I did manage a little bit of sewing; rings for Irish Circles plus a few stitches on my Convict Challenge and read a few pages by the fire.

I hope you had a safe & peace filled Easter with those you love.

Til next time
Linda XX


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