22 September 2013

Loving My New Start and Glad to see the bindings on others.

So it has been a while since I posted anything. My question is how can I have a computer at work, a home laptop and an I-pad, and the only thing I seem to be able to blog on is my husband's laptop? All have a different layout and this is the only one I seem to be able see the Dashboard. Putting photos on is also a nightmare. So lets see how this goes! Finishitis is continuing. I have finished La Naissance. It is currently residing on my bed and I love it.

Challenge is bound and waiting for an important birthday.

Pies and Tarts is bound and complete.

My William Morris Sample is currently at the quilters. Arts and Craft Sampler by Michele Hill is together and waiting to be machine quilted......by me yeeks!!!!!! I hope it turns out. So far I have only machine quilted one quilt and that was stippled. It was also a memorable experience as I put the machine needle through my finger. The worst thing was that the needle broke and it was only new. Damn!! So all those completed and ready for use means I was entitiled to start something new.

This is what is on my Design Wall (which was lovingly made by my dearest Darling).

I purchased this as a BOM from Quiltsmith in Sydney. It is a pattern by Susan Garman called Sarah's Revival. I just love it. I keep the door open so every time I walk up the hallway, I can see it. 27 blocks done, only 9 to go. not bad considering I started in April and work has seriously interfered with my progress. Early next month I am off to Sit and Sew with the girls at Wodonga. I think I will take Sweet William and work on getting blocks organised. Seems the photos just want to do their own thing. I suppose some photos is better than none.

Happy sewing to every one.