4 December 2015

Another Year Almost Gone..

Hello Friends

Where has time gone, it's hard to believe that here we are nearly at the end of 2015.

Life is just too busy for everyone; days roll into weeks, weeks into months & bang, 12 months is done - again.

2015 has been another big year in my books, I'm looking forward to 2016 being more settled, a year of new beginnings, new life & happier days (and a lot more stitching!!)

Some pictures to finish:
The Prince
A Susan Smith Design

A few of the blocks
Final Flower to be Stitched
Time to Join

All together  & ready for quilting (next year)
I really REALLY love this quilt, its a favourite.

I also love Lilies
And grew these 

After quite a time apart; Irish Circles is back on the agenda

Hello from Angus, who for the first time in 11 years was extremely ill.
Very happy to have my fluffy boy home

Also reporting I am to be a Grandmother (Mim) early 2016; this is the cake I had made for my daughters baby shower.
This is Mim's Quilt: A wallhanging made using Michele Hill's design
It took great precedence in recent months

And I saw in the big 5-0
Its been a huge year

So to all of you
Have a wonderful rest of the year, and
Wishing you a Christmas filled with Love & Peace
til next year
Happy Stitching