31 March 2012

William Morris

This is my very first ever blog post.  Welcome!

As a pretext to my posting a photo of what I am working on at the moment, I thought I would share an experience from last year. 

I love William Morris designs thanks in a very large part to Michele Hill, an Australian quilter and designer.  (She was top on my "Bucket List" to meet and do a class with. Tick! A wonderful and generous lady.)

We have 2 children and a partner living in London at the moment and we took the leap to visit them.

High on my list whilst over there was a visit to William Morris's Red House and Kelsmcott.  We didn't make it to Kelmscott but yes I made it to Red House.

In September 2011 my husband and daughter accompanied me from London to Red House Lane, Bexleyheath Kent for a visit. I loved the stories and the display of his works. Walking through the house every room was filled with history and creaking floors and hidden drawings.

It is run by volunteers and is a credit to them.  Below are a couple of photos of my visit.  
JulieAnn sitting at the well William built for his wife.
JulieAnn outside The Red House
Williams lifetime work was on display with fabric and furniture being the main attraction, but every nook and cranny had special features including sketching of designs inside cupboards and on walls showing William was constantly creating new things and ideas when ever and where ever he was inspired (no wonder he was an insomniac and hyperactive).

View from the back yard

Around the house is a garden with a wide variety of plants and shrubs.

If I go back to England again, Kelmscott will be at the top of the list.

Now what am I sewing at the moment?????

This is Pies and Tarts, a BOM by Sue Daly.  This has been camping by the Murrumbidgee River, travelled The Great Ocean Road and toured England while I covered the paper pieces and joined the Pies and Tarts together.  After 18 months, (thereabouts) all the pieces are together and the Pies are sewn to the background.  Last weekend I got the rows together and have got the Tarts all glued on ready for sewing.  Seeewww what next you ask??  I have given myself till the end of April to get the tarts all sewn on.

I am very good at making plans.  It is the execution that I have trouble with.  Let's see how I go!

Hope you enjoy the day and come back for a visit.



18 March 2012

Sew Good For The Soul

We've just had the nicest weekend in Wodonga at the Autumn gathering of Summer School with Susan Smith.

There are so many talented ladies who inspire everyone with their beautiful work.

JulieAnn started a new project Plain Jane, I decided to continue with Little Sparrow (started some time ago) both are patterns by Susan Smith.

Here's what we achieved over the weekend.

JulieAnn's Plain Jane

My work on Little Sparrow

And of course...Good Times! 

Til Next Time

JulieAnn & Linda

6 March 2012

Wagga Wagga Flood Update

An update & some photos of the continuing situation in hometown Wagga Wagga NSW.

JulieAnn's house was safe from water inundation at The Rock, but sadly her family & friends have once again endured flooding though their homes. The cleanup begins again...

Over 8000 people have been evacuated in Wagga last night in preparation for the Murrumbidgee River height reaching record levels. All are hoping the levee bank built following 1974 floods will hold and not exceed the predicted 10.9metres...it is a waiting game.

North Wagga have had to leave their homes & businesses, this section of town is inundated.

Some photos from various sources of the situation so far

Keep Safe eveyone, we are thinking of those in other areas too including Victoria & Queensland.

Linda xx

Lake Albert Overflowing on Sunday

The Rock

Hammond Avenue - Entry to Wagga

Eunony Road

Wiradjuri Bridge - Closed to North Wagga

Hampden Bridge (no longer used)

Looking to the Wagga Beach (River)

Murrumbidgee River

Road to my work...No Go, the area under evacuation.

Gobba Bridge to Estella

Levee Bank Protecting Wagga at 10.5 metres

North Wagga Under Flood

4 March 2012

Mother Nature Strikes Again

The torrential rain & floods that have been taking their toll on the country hit closer to home in the early hours of this morning.

Over 200mls of rain in a few days has lead to many areas being indated with water & isolated.

I'm lucky where we are; we're currently isolated from the rest of town but not in any danger.

The Rock NSW, where JulieAnn lives was evacuated in the early this morning. They are currently waiting anxiously with family in town.

Already devastating news her Mum & sister's house's going under again. Both being subjected to the floods in October 2010. Her Mum only being back in her house some months.

Over 100 mls of rain is forecast again this week.

We hope wherever you are; you & your loved ones are safe.

Linda XX