14 April 2014

The Weekend That Was.. Fabulous

Hello Again, another post from me, this must be a record.

I just have to update you on our weekend trip to Talbingo with the ladies - it was sew very good for the soul. I am having a few extra days off before Easter and am definitely in relax mode. Angus my cat coped quite well without me, but I was most definitely not allowed to go anywhere with him sleeping most of the night, if not on top of me...very very close.

Everyone had a most relaxing time, some did a little, some did heaps! Here are some photos.

Peace & Tranquility in The Mountains
Wine O' Clock

My Big Effort: French Mosaic (Karen Cunningham design) top is COMPLETE with Mitred border. It was my first effort & boy did that take some work! I am really happy with the result.

These two are Judy's: the one above for her Grandson.
And her fairy quilt which has made many trips to Talbingo finished at last.

Dinner...and it was yum!
JulieAnn hard at work on Florence. Lots of borders added; it just grew & grew
Florence (Susan Smith design) ready to stitch stars & paisley's (aka teardrops & apostrophe's). This really is beautiful, one I'd like to add to the list. JulieAnn has quite a few projects on the go, sorry I didn't get a few more photos JA.
I took Irish Circles (Karen Cunningham design) with me, its been along time. Stitched some rings, then had a look at what I've done so far. You can tell how long its been packed away by the creases. Another whole round of blocks, then borders to go, that makes it sound so simple doesn't it!

A little bit of prepping

Back onto Challenge quilt, feeling a bit starry eyed, but a plan in mind now for the way forward.
And this is Angus, a happy cat with Mum home.
Wishing you all a Safe & Happy Easter.
Til next time




9 April 2014

Sew Excited!!

Hello Friends

It's been quite some time, but I can really say I am excited, esctatic even!!

Tomorrow JulieAnn & I are heading off to Talbingo Mountain Retreat for a long weekend of stitching, relaxation, good times, wine & Friendship with a most lovely group of ladies.

Since my last post I've been progressing along with a couple of projects. They are definitely on the to do list this weekend.

Firstly I got the centre of French Mosaic completed, slightly modified from the original by Karen Cunningham, then attached first border #1. I got stuck with this fabric & ended up ordering something new & of course its another French General. WOW....how long it had been to get "happy mail".

Removing Papers

Centre Stitched
An Afternoon at the Machine

First Border & what I had for Final Border

The New Border Fabric

I've also got back to the Convict Challenge quilt - now this was meant to be finished in 2012. I'm very late, but keen for it to grow. My Brown Paper Bag was predonimantly pinks & yellows. I decided on paper piecing, its a design definitely in progress. My inspiration came from Annette Gero's book "The Fabric of Society - Australia's Quilt Heritage from Convict Times to 1960".


Sew til next time - very soon, happy stitching. I plan on updating a little more frequently. You can follow me on Instragram; User lmg065.

Linda xx