10 December 2014

Christmas Wishes

Hello Friends

It's December already!! Can't believe its that time of year again....

Finding the time to blog doesn't seem to happen as much as JulieAnn & I would both like. Life just gets too busy. But when busy means stitching, creating & Finishing projects well thats okay.

We both share alot of our updates on Instagram as its nice & quick so don't forget to follow us:

Linda - lmg065
JulieAnne - julquilts

Between us we have a few projects to call Finish but won't share any pictures today, will leave that for the New Year.

Today we simply would like to wish all our Blogger Friends a safe & Merry Christmas with family & loved ones. See you in 2015

I just had to add this!
Love & Best Wishes
Happy Stitching
Linda & JulieAnn

12 September 2014

Baskets For You

Good Morning Friends

Its the start of Spring in Australia & we are being blessed with beautiful blue skies here in Wagga Wagga and the temperature is beginning to warm slightly. We could do with some decent rain though to settle the dust & keep everything green.

I've been busy stitching away on Baskets for You a Sue Daley design over the last 6 months. 128 needleturned baskets plus a centre block also needleturn. I bought this as a Block of Month over a year ago, I was thoroughly delighted with fabric selections & quantity supplied, No scrimping!!

So some progress photos below leading to the finished top with borders attached just last night. What a feeling it's been, to be actually achieving & getting things done.
In short - its my Therapy.

 Thoughts of never seeing the end!
 All 128 Baskets stitched
At the machine

A growing quilt

Final stitches on the Centre

Centre Complete

All joined - I needed to include a very small border around the centre block which is not in the design as I chose not to trim all blocks back by 1/2 inch.

Borders on & Baskets For You top is complete.
Below is a pic of it on a bed, just to have a better look

Angus is loving the warmer mornings in the sunshine too

He's such a smoocher 

I love seeing what everyone is doing, it provides so much inspiration. Remember to find me on Instagram lmg065 where Angus is the star's.

Til next time, Happy Stitching


8 July 2014

Challenge is No Longer a Challenge!

"Josephine's Love Quilt"

I've got it done finally; 2012's Challenge Quilt stitching is complete. And her name...well I took inspiration from a quilt made by Frederica Josephson from Sydney in Annette Gero's book "The History of Fabric". Both JulieAnn & I attended a seminar in Wagga Wagga a few years ago & were very fortunate to purchase the book & have Annette sign it.

One of the larger pieces of fabric in my bagged selection was  "Love Is". So somehow, there became Josephines Love Quilt. I named it when only had the first few stars completed. I would really loved to have kept on going, but was limited to the fabrics left.

Josephine's Love Quilt
A Quilt by Me!
 Pictures from along the way:
Angus doing his usual "Stop Sewing"

The Final Star

Not a regular baker; this was a huge undertaking.
Black Forest Birthday Cake

Is definitely soup weather; this was a hit!
 On Sunday just gone we took a roadtrip to the snow - about 2 hours drive from home in the Snowy Mountains. 

Just Chilling......

Warm & toasty by the fire

Getting the Look again from my boy Angus
Hoping everyone is safe & well, til next time
Happy Stitching

26 May 2014

The Geese Are Flying

Hello Friends

I'm so pleased with my progress of late I thought I'd share the process of making the flying geese border to go on my 2012 convict challenge quilt.
What I have realised that is if life was "normal" in 2012 I actually would have had it completed on time. Never mind, I've had alot more time to contemplate the design.
As stated in my last blog, I was going with the 4-geese no waste method. It has worked wonderfully. Due to constraints of only working with the fabrics in my package, my geese are not the colours as there wasn't enough to cut required amount of larger squares.

I hope you enjoy following my journey.
All pieces cut, pinning in progress
Stitching underway

First Cut

Pressed ready for next stage

2nd Pinning

On a roll, stitching next lot of squares

Which came to a screaming halt thanks to Angus!
2nd attempt before work; Geese are Growing
A tin of Geese ready to join
A quiet moment at work, sorted ready for more pinning.

 From there, they were all joined & attached.
The Geese are Flying
Now for the next stage......
My Angus, giving me the look again before going to work during the week.
Til next time, Happy Stitching

14 May 2014

Happy Mail Days

Hello Friends

Don't you just love nice mail!! It does something that makes you smile on the inside

Over the last month I've had some very nice visits to the mailbox & thought I'd share.

First was Susan Smiths pattern for Something About Florence. I've been closely watching JulieAnn's progress with this quilt & have fallen in love with it. Its another beautiful design from Susan.

I then joined the Threadbear Fabric Club & was fortunate to receive a pack from the most recent mailout. It is yum!!

Then this week fabrics arrived for which I've chosen to base Something About Florence around. Another French General range: Le Bouquet Francais

And lastely, not in the mailbox though, I was notified on Friday I had won second prize in a Mother's Day raffle. I never win anything; it made my day. Yesterday it was a special delivery.

Beautiful Packaging (Lovely Boxes for Projects)

The Contents!! Some definite pamper time ahead. 

Over the weekend I made a trip to Wentworth / Mildura & enjoyed some time with a lovely gentleman & his garden. It's his pride & joy - I hope you enjoy the following snippets.

This weekend's plan is to get onto those flying geese for Convict Challenge Quilt.

Til next time, Happy Stitching

Love Linda

7 May 2014

A Stitch in Time

Hello Friends

The weather is cooling down, making any spare time, the perfect time for stitching.

The weekend away in Talbingo & some time off from work has renewed my enthusiasm. I feel invigorated; I just want to sew & sew & well....sew!! Being at work makes that impossible so I've been doing lots of Blog reading, Instagram viewing (remember you can follow me at lmg065) and of course stitching when I can. Work really does intefere with doing nice things - but then it does pay for it so extremely necessary.

Here are a few photo's of what I've been up to.

Stitching in the warm on Anzac Day. I love these tins, recipients of the Anzac Biscuits they contained enjoyed them too.

More Diamonds & Stars

 Centre panel of 2012 Challenge Quilt (yes I'm late) ready to remove papers & stitch on to a background piece. Next up a border of Flying Geese...
Some prep for the Flying Geese, I haven't done these before so am going with the 4 blocks at a time with no leftover method. Thankyou to fellow QWE JulieAnn for assisting in working it all out.

This is "Red" my 2014 Ford Fiesta. 
My big happy event since last time, she represents the brand new shiny start in my life.

And yes this me is: Very Happy!!

Also slowly progressing is Baskets, some more prep done at Talbingo
  21 Complete.....so many more to do
And my Angus, smooching with his Mum.

That's about it for now, I need a weekend at home to get into the flying geese before there is anymore show & tell from me.
Wishing all the Mum's, especially mine, a Very Happy Mothers Day. Hope you all get spoilt & spend it with those you love or at least have a day doing what you love.
Happy Stitching, til Next Time