14 April 2014

The Weekend That Was.. Fabulous

Hello Again, another post from me, this must be a record.

I just have to update you on our weekend trip to Talbingo with the ladies - it was sew very good for the soul. I am having a few extra days off before Easter and am definitely in relax mode. Angus my cat coped quite well without me, but I was most definitely not allowed to go anywhere with him sleeping most of the night, if not on top of me...very very close.

Everyone had a most relaxing time, some did a little, some did heaps! Here are some photos.

Peace & Tranquility in The Mountains
Wine O' Clock

My Big Effort: French Mosaic (Karen Cunningham design) top is COMPLETE with Mitred border. It was my first effort & boy did that take some work! I am really happy with the result.

These two are Judy's: the one above for her Grandson.
And her fairy quilt which has made many trips to Talbingo finished at last.

Dinner...and it was yum!
JulieAnn hard at work on Florence. Lots of borders added; it just grew & grew
Florence (Susan Smith design) ready to stitch stars & paisley's (aka teardrops & apostrophe's). This really is beautiful, one I'd like to add to the list. JulieAnn has quite a few projects on the go, sorry I didn't get a few more photos JA.
I took Irish Circles (Karen Cunningham design) with me, its been along time. Stitched some rings, then had a look at what I've done so far. You can tell how long its been packed away by the creases. Another whole round of blocks, then borders to go, that makes it sound so simple doesn't it!

A little bit of prepping

Back onto Challenge quilt, feeling a bit starry eyed, but a plan in mind now for the way forward.
And this is Angus, a happy cat with Mum home.
Wishing you all a Safe & Happy Easter.
Til next time




9 April 2014

Sew Excited!!

Hello Friends

It's been quite some time, but I can really say I am excited, esctatic even!!

Tomorrow JulieAnn & I are heading off to Talbingo Mountain Retreat for a long weekend of stitching, relaxation, good times, wine & Friendship with a most lovely group of ladies.

Since my last post I've been progressing along with a couple of projects. They are definitely on the to do list this weekend.

Firstly I got the centre of French Mosaic completed, slightly modified from the original by Karen Cunningham, then attached first border #1. I got stuck with this fabric & ended up ordering something new & of course its another French General. WOW....how long it had been to get "happy mail".

Removing Papers

Centre Stitched
An Afternoon at the Machine

First Border & what I had for Final Border

The New Border Fabric

I've also got back to the Convict Challenge quilt - now this was meant to be finished in 2012. I'm very late, but keen for it to grow. My Brown Paper Bag was predonimantly pinks & yellows. I decided on paper piecing, its a design definitely in progress. My inspiration came from Annette Gero's book "The Fabric of Society - Australia's Quilt Heritage from Convict Times to 1960".


Sew til next time - very soon, happy stitching. I plan on updating a little more frequently. You can follow me on Instragram; User lmg065.

Linda xx


28 February 2014

As Time Ticks By....

Wow, it's been so long since I've posted I'd almost forgotten how!

Not much stitching has been happening in my camp, as my camp has been going through some major changes. Life changes which I can only say continue to be a challenge.

Slowly though, little pieces at a time, I'm finding my way back to doing what I love. Seeing what everyone else is doing & achieving, none more than my favourite accomplice JulieAnn, provides so much inspiration.

So for today, just a couple of pictorial updates.

Firstly, French Mosaic, a Karen Cunningham design, is getting closer to having the centre done.

Once done its just a matter of a couple of borders....so hopefully not too far away.

Then, onto baskets, this the first of MANY!!

And, at long last Mariners got its binding on & is proudly hanging.


Happy stitching everyone, til next time


22 September 2013

Loving My New Start and Glad to see the bindings on others.

So it has been a while since I posted anything. My question is how can I have a computer at work, a home laptop and an I-pad, and the only thing I seem to be able to blog on is my husband's laptop? All have a different layout and this is the only one I seem to be able see the Dashboard. Putting photos on is also a nightmare. So lets see how this goes! Finishitis is continuing. I have finished La Naissance. It is currently residing on my bed and I love it.

Challenge is bound and waiting for an important birthday.

Pies and Tarts is bound and complete.

My William Morris Sample is currently at the quilters. Arts and Craft Sampler by Michele Hill is together and waiting to be machine quilted......by me yeeks!!!!!! I hope it turns out. So far I have only machine quilted one quilt and that was stippled. It was also a memorable experience as I put the machine needle through my finger. The worst thing was that the needle broke and it was only new. Damn!! So all those completed and ready for use means I was entitiled to start something new.

This is what is on my Design Wall (which was lovingly made by my dearest Darling).

I purchased this as a BOM from Quiltsmith in Sydney. It is a pattern by Susan Garman called Sarah's Revival. I just love it. I keep the door open so every time I walk up the hallway, I can see it. 27 blocks done, only 9 to go. not bad considering I started in April and work has seriously interfered with my progress. Early next month I am off to Sit and Sew with the girls at Wodonga. I think I will take Sweet William and work on getting blocks organised. Seems the photos just want to do their own thing. I suppose some photos is better than none.

Happy sewing to every one.

21 May 2013


Simply Red

Another Show & Tell from me, Simply Red, a Karen Cunningham design is finally finished - and currently residing on my bed. Thankyou to Susan Smith once again for the fabulous quilting, which without Simply Red would remain unfinished for some time.

The centre of Simply Red is needle turned using the one fabric from French General Rounnierres...my absolute favourite. The border is also a French General fabric.

This quilt was actually a few firsts for me. 1st time to a quilting workshop, 1st time at Summer School in Wodonga, 1st time for needle turning.....I've managed a little more since then.

I will try & make the time to post some updates as I go....anymore Finishes maybe a little while off.

Having problems loading photos again....sorry I can't share more

Til Next Time

6 May 2013

Long Time Between Posts

Well it feels like forever, but time for a little update from me.

Thankyou to QWE JulieAnn for taking over the posting while my stitching mind has been absent...everything has taken a backseat while facing family / life challenges

Some Finishes to share...yes that word!!

Lullabye; a Karen Cunningham design. I've made mine into a wallhanging, it's all hand stitched except for the outside border. I  gave hand quilting a go in the centre...am afraid quilting of any sort is really not my forte

Arabesque; a Michele Hill design. Am so very happy to have this one done, with thanks to Susan Smith for the quilting that was possible.

Would like to have shown you more closeups but am having major problems loading them....

I am currently binding Simply Red, that will be next show & tell and stitching a little on French Mosaic, another of Karen's designs.

Sew much to do....sew little time!

Til next time...hopefully soon


14 November 2012


Yes, I know it's been ages! 

I have managed to have a couple of weekends sewing in the last month, which has been wonderful.

The 2nd weekend in October DH and DS1 went to Bathurst to watch the Touring Cars at the Bathurst 1000.  That left Buddy (the replacement child) and I at home alone.........again!

What fun! Again the dining table was moved into the family room, the DVD's where lined up and away I went.

I had LOTS of cutting to do and I do mean lots......  I was woorking on My "Challenge" quilt.  I can't show any of it until reveal day.

Then a week later I had 2 weeks off.  One car had been sold and the next one hadn't arrived so I was pretty much confined to quarters.  That was fine.  Before I started on "Challenge" I needed to sew the last couple of rows on a scrap quilt I started about 7 years ago.  The rows were even pinned but for some reason they just didn't want to get under the machine and be sewn.  So I bit the bullet and got them done.  I found some border and backing fabric last week so I need to put that on but here it is so far.

Then I got stuck into Challenge.  I am proud to say by the end of the holidays, I had the top done ready for quilting.  Seeeew pleased.  There was a lot of sewing in it. 

Then last weekend I went to Talbingo Mountain Lodge again sewing with 5 other wonderful ladies.  A lovely relaxing, sewing filled weekend was had by all.  Laughs, wine, chocolate, sewing, away from home, and good friends, it doesn't get any better!  We even learnt how to play canasta.  Thanks Judy.xx  We did miss our absent friends though.

What was achieved you ask??

The very talented Trina was finishing the binding on her Feathered Star.  Here it is all done.  Absolutely gorgeous!  All hand pieced including the borders.

Here is a close up of one block and she had it beautifully quilted.

The she made (including the quilting and binding) a table runner for Christmas.

She also made a totally cute little hexagon bag, just big enough to hold her thimble, reel of cotton and small thread snips.  I didn't get a photo of that.

Judy got the top of her Double wedding ring done.  She started it at our April gathering and on the weekend got the last 40% for the blocks done and all the top assembled.  A massive effort Judy.  So striking in her different colour choice.

This is it with all but the last row of blocks made and laid out.

The first row is joined.

 Here is it hot off the press machine. The photo doesn't do it justice. A huge relief and a big sigh from JudyShe also said :"Never again", but we will see.

A close up of the block and her colours.

Rozie was working hard on what she calls her Talbingo quilt.  She really got motoring but didn't lay it out for me to get a photo.  NEXT TIME ROZIE!!!!! No hiding! lol

Next was Di.

First she worked on getting borders on her "Girls Day Out" blocks.  She had it packed away before I got a photo.

Then she worked on this striking Black and white braid.  We were auditioning different colours to use as a joining strip.  There was also purple, lime green and orange tried.  What colour will she choose???  We will have to wait and see.

Di then was working on sewing blocks for her "Whirly Gig" quilt which she also got packed before the camera was out.

Then there was Deb.

She was working on putting together her Sue Daly top "Faith, Hope, Love".  She just has the corners left to do.

Her second project was a layer cake and a flat roll and a bit of an idea as to what she would do.

She cut it out one night and the next day it was wrooom wroooooom on the machine.

The quilt that grew in a day.

Amazing what you can achieve with an idea and a day.  Beautiful!

So what of me you are asking.  Well compared to these girls,  it doesn't seem so much.

My Michele Hill Arebesque was on its third trip to Talbingo.  Finally all the blocks are appliqued.  To help get through it I was timing to see how long it took to go around some of the pieces.  For the 4 blocks in the centre the yellow eathers took 1/2 hour each and there were 16 of them.  Phew!!!!!  Just realised that's where 8 hours went.

And as would have it, when you go away, you always forget something and yes I left the set-in-triangle cutting instructions behind.  Thus no triangles were hurt in the making of this top.....so far.  I have the designs all cut and ready to go, so that will be my next available weekend project.  (Note to self..........where did you put the cutting instructions if not with the fabric, best find them!)  Here are the blocks all laid out.

Then for my next Michele project, The Arts and Crafts Sampler.  I had three blocks already prepped and 1 sewn.  All that remained was the next 6.  When you do one every month (as you are suppose to) you don't notice how long it takes to prep.  Well this is a good part of a day involved in the last 6 blocks and then the first month, 2 blocks of the next one.

Here is Arts and Craft all done, ready and waiting for the TV.  Just right for the coming hot weather.

Well that's it for now.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what we have been up to.

Take care and Happy sewing.