21 October 2016

Out & About

Hi Friends

The year is skipping by way too fast, so I thought best get in an update before its gone. 

JulieAnn & I had another wonderful getaway to Tumut for a weekend of stitching & friendship. Thankfully we went when we did, these past weeks the Caravan Park has flooded....eek!!


This view never disappoints: no filters - just natural beauty
Tumut River 

A very friendly Magpie enjoying a Treat

JulieAnn spent HOURS on these sawtooth borders - sew much work in their preparation
& completion

Onto what I got up to: a project that has been floating around in my head to use some of the beautiful Toiles I have collected.

These show my thought process of what "will be"

Pictures all selected, cut into circles and their placement.

Hexies in progress

Little Sparrow had some time spent on her.

Beautiful Butterflies

That would be me! Another project packed away for a very long time.
Expressions of Morris
I was very excited to find I'd even started the prep work!

Other happenings this month was my son Samuel's (Sam) 24th birthday. Love to see him smile...we've been down a hard road. So very proud of how far he has come.

Sam and his Nanny (my Mum of 84) with the cake I made - a feast of chocolate
Lola has had an upgrade, I got myself a new bigger red ride
I am super impressed & love my Mazda

On a drive about the place I had to stop & take photos of the Canola Fields. The bright yellow is also so cheery and reminds me of a beautiful friend....

And of course Angus can't be left out: here he is enjoying the sunshine 

My Beautiful Granddaughter Miller at 8 months of age
I miss her terribly.

Last weekend JulieAnn & I had a mini roadtrip to the Boree Creek Quilters Exhibition. Boree Creek is a little farming town in the region.
The local ladies have been hard at work; its lovely to see other peoples works and
their different styles

This Quilt was really beautiful; made up of all bits and pieces including lace,
crochet and doilies

Lots of colour here
 I really wanted to see right side of the quilt these pillows were sitting on,
but that was not to be. 

A Favourite: Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses

Christmas is in the Air; some clever ladies!!
A few sights on the trip home

I had to get JulieAnn to stop to allow me to take this: The Rock NSW Australia
(where JA lives)
Beautiful scenery with the Canola fields in front.
More work on Little Sparrow: another piece completed (except for touch of embroidery)

Also part of LS, 12 of these babies.

Prep work underway to complete 13 of these; all hand pieced.

Well bloggers that will have to be it for this update, I'm having trouble with formatting. I hope you enjoyed the scenery.

Take care, wherever you may be
Til next Time; Happy Stitching

Linda xx

13 September 2016

Happy Pfaffing No 2

Hello Friends

Hoping you are all keeping safe & well wherever you may be. Due to a very wet winter with much greater rainfall than normal locally & in catchments we have local flooding again. Thankfully, at this stage, it is categorized as minor flooding without loss to houses. My work backs onto the Murrumbidgee River so we watch what is going on very closely. Yesterday afternoon not long after I sat outside for lunch we had an unexpected visitor in the form of a Brown Snake  - a very healthy, very large one, on his way to find dryer ground. We do get them here, its just much earlier than expected!

One good thing about the weather; I managed to sit and sew on the weekend after a happy coffee outing with my Man. To be honest, I couldn't be happier!!

 Work in Progress; the Pfaff ready to roll.
Two quilts required borders & I was determined they were both going to be "Done".

 Firstly, Valley Forge a Somerset Patchwork design by Karen Styles.
I decided it needed a small border to finish off. This one now needs quilting for my boy.

Next onto Irish Circles - a Karen Cunningham Design
I started this one about 5-6 years ago, it was packed away (and not in my possession) for quite a lengthy period. This year I finished all the blocks and got it together - with some ME Modifications. I decided not to continue with appliqued borders - I needed it DONE!
I am however somewhat disappointed with the outer border.
After taking the quilt into a shop, choosing a beautiful fabric, allowing the professional shop assistant to measure the quilt & then using her guidance on how much fabric to purchase - not only did I not have enough to miter the corners - but there wasn't even enough for the length.
The only way around it was to join; my hope is quilting will disguise them 

Irish Circles
Hello from Angus; my Fluffy Boy

JulieAnn & I are counting sleeps, we are heading off to our Tumut hideaway for a weekend of sewing and relaxation. Exciting!! We will update with pictures soon

Sew til next time, happy stitching.
Linda xx

19 August 2016

Florence is Finished

Something about Florence is on my bed at long last. She is SOOO Big!! A beautiful design by Susan Smith incorporating needle-turn & paper piecing, the borders helped her grow. I had her machine quilted by Sarah Lennon who did an amazing job.   

Stitching the final section of Binding.

Angus "helping" with Irish Circles (next on the agenda for borders to complete)

~Heaven Has A New Angel ~

A Week ago today I farewelled my friend of 29 years. Margaret was the most amazing, loving, inspirational, courageous, brave Woman I have ever known...I believe anyone who had the privilege of meeting her would tell you the same. 12 Years ago Margaret defied the odds surviving breast cancer, battling through treatment & numerous complications - I always said she was a blessing as she wasn't meant to be here. She came back brighter than ever with a zest for life that was infectious. Last year in November, a few days after my 50th Birthday Margaret was given the news she had 30 brain tumours...not just one - 30!! And breast cancer had also returned. Marg knew she wouldn't beat this one - but oh my gosh - she gave it one almighty nudge, cramming as much as physically possible in for much longer than expected. The last month of Margaret's life was spent in Palliative Care - each and every day 24 hours round the clock a group of Margaret's friends (myself included) spent time with her, many of us had never met each other before. She was never alone. We are all connected now forever because of one very special Angel.

A coming together of Friends to light over 400 candles to be given out at Margaret's farewell;
  all lit from her World Peace Candle 
~ "I'm going to make everything around me more Beautiful. That will be my Life" ~
Elise de Wolfe
Take care Friends