21 April 2017

Sparrow is Flying

Hi Friends
Following prep of 8 applique blocks at last month's getaway I've stitched every chance I could and below is the result!
Little Sparrow (design by Susan Smith) is together but still has some finishing touches by way of a little embroidery for sparrow beaks and legs as well as detail in a few leaves & flowers.
I started this quilt at Summer School 2010 - 7 Years Ago!!  
Final Stitches
A few of my favourite fabrics in this flower and throughout the quilt

 Little Sparrow ~ almost there
A Close-up of the Hand Pieced Centre and those Fiddly Blocks!
Now its onto getting that embroidery done and continuing with other projects underway.

Roses from my Garden
Lady of Shallot ~ Garden Delight ~ Splice ~ Jane McGrath

Mother's Love

I hope you had a Happy & Peaceful Easter with those you love
Until next time
Happy Stitching
Linda xx

7 March 2017

Sew Good

Hi Friends
Here we are Marching on through the year. Time is zipping by but JulieAnn & I tried our best to slow it down by having a couple of days getting away from it all at our favourite little place in Tumut, NSW Australia.

This is the view from our Cabin; you can see why we love it here!

Happy Ladies Wining & Stitching

Enjoying some Sweet Potato Chips....with Wine of Course!

JulieAnn has been working on her Sarah's Revival,
a design by the late Sue Garman.
There are so many components to this quilt, I felt JA achieved greatly by getting it to the joining stage
Just so you know, the whole quilt is needle-turn applique - just gorgeous

I'd previously traced all pieces of Little Sparrow (Susan Smith design) onto freezer paper so spent the weekend organising fabrics and getting them cut & glued into place ready for stitching. The Centre is complete, along with top & lower large blocks; still quite a lot of work ahead of me..... 

A Beautiful Sunset on Tumut River

And here we are; happy friends after a fabulous weekend but sad to be leaving to go back home
Thankyou for checking in, I think I'm going to play with our layout again, as this one doesn't allow photos to be full size. (as you can see, that's just what I did)
Til next time,
Happy Stitching

1 February 2017

Friday Follies

Hello Again

As promised I'm posting an update with JulieAnn & my projects following a very happy Friday off we shared.

Firstly, big congratulations to JulieAnn who finished her Mariners quilt (a Chris Jurd design) and recently also got The Prince Quilt by Susan Smith together.

 JulieAnn's Mariners Compass Top Complete

Close-ups of Works Underway

The Prince Quilt top Finished

We had a lovely day together, enjoying a glass of bubbles with lunch (my risotto) and a movie as well. Girl on a Train was the selection as we've both read the book - I liked the movie and believe it kept true to the story.

I continued working on a project which I have now given a name: Eyton Hall. I decided to look back into my ancestry for a name and this came from Eyton upon the Weald Moors (UK) where numerous family members originated from & lived in times long past.

I love toiles and wanted a project to use them without losing their beauty...



Layout with frames (a couple missed but now complete)

Row 1; you can see how they will look

A close-up on the start of Row 2.
I am loving this sew much; after reading another blog yesterday I came across the use of downloadable hexagon graph paper. I've now found some & will spend some time drawing the completed design up so I have an idea of what I'm doing, as currently its all in my head!
Over the Christmas Break I set to task on getting Jane Austeen (yes that's correct) a Di Ford design together. I chose this pattern to once again utilize a mix of beautiful fabrics to their best. It came together after lots of pinning, pressing, sewing.... repeat. There is still a border to go on, but I don't have a fabric for that as yet. I am super happy with the end result.

And to finish off on the Project News is a quilt I've made for my granddaughters First Birthday (which is next week). I'll be heading off for a coastal visit this weekend to celebrate both her Birthday & Christening.

This is my little Treasure at Christmas taken with her Mim (that's me)

This is the Jane McGrath Rose
The petal formation is exquisite & the centre = Totally Fascinating!! 

And Angus - he's been suffering in the heat but holding up well. Here he was enjoying being outside with me in a cooler moment.
Well that's about it for this post; troubles with loading photos held me up and we are now in February!
So til next time, stay cool (or warm depending on where you are)
Linda & JulieAnn

23 January 2017

New Year ~ New Layout

Hello 2017 & Hello Friends
What do you think of the new layout?
A change is as good as a holiday...right??
Love to hear what you think.
Now JulieAnn & myself both have a few (cough cough) projects on the go of which I will post an update on soon.
Just one picture today; in an Australian Summer we are blessed with some amazing sunsets. The camera doesn't capture the true depth of colour - but beautiful all the same.

Til next time
Happy Stitching

14 December 2016

Christmas is Upon Us

Hello Friends

It's hard to believe we are only weeks away from Christmas ~ where has the year gone!!

I hope you enjoy a little post of pretties

My precious Granddaughter; who is just Everything and fills my heart beyond words.

Sewing of a different kind; these fabrics are just beautiful and I had a lot of fun on these. Plus precious little Miss wearing an outfit.

This year I planted a new Rose Garden; it has been so wonderful to have these beauties to admire and smell.
Splice: Margaret's Rose


Garden Delight

Jane McGrath Rose

William Morris Rose

Mother's Love

And hello from Angus; who was 12 yesterday.

So to you and yours, from wherever you may be, wishing you a Safe & Peaceful Christmas shared with those you love.

And remembering those no longer here....My Beautiful Friend will forever be in my heart

til Next Time
Love Linda

21 October 2016

Out & About

Hi Friends

The year is skipping by way too fast, so I thought best get in an update before its gone. 

JulieAnn & I had another wonderful getaway to Tumut for a weekend of stitching & friendship. Thankfully we went when we did, these past weeks the Caravan Park has flooded....eek!!

This view never disappoints: no filters - just natural beauty
Tumut River 

A very friendly Magpie enjoying a Treat

JulieAnn spent HOURS on these sawtooth borders - sew much work in their preparation
& completion

Onto what I got up to: a project that has been floating around in my head to use some of the beautiful Toiles I have collected.

These show my thought process of what "will be"

Pictures all selected, cut into circles and their placement.

Hexies in progress

Little Sparrow had some time spent on her.

Beautiful Butterflies

That would be me! Another project packed away for a very long time.
Expressions of Morris
I was very excited to find I'd even started the prep work!
Other happenings this month was my son Samuel's (Sam) 24th birthday. Love to see him smile...we've been down a hard road. So very proud of how far he has come.

Sam and his Nanny (my Mum of 84) with the cake I made - a feast of chocolate
Lola has had an upgrade, I got myself a new bigger red ride
I am super impressed & love my Mazda

On a drive about the place I had to stop & take photos of the Canola Fields. The bright yellow is also so cheery and reminds me of a beautiful friend....

And of course Angus can't be left out: here he is enjoying the sunshine 

My Beautiful Granddaughter Miller at 8 months of age
I miss her terribly.

Last weekend JulieAnn & I had a mini roadtrip to the Boree Creek Quilters Exhibition. Boree Creek is a little farming town in the region.
The local ladies have been hard at work; its lovely to see other peoples works and
their different styles

This Quilt was really beautiful; made up of all bits and pieces including lace,
crochet and doilies

Lots of colour here
 I really wanted to see right side of the quilt these pillows were sitting on,
but that was not to be. 

A Favourite: Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses

Christmas is in the Air; some clever ladies!!
A few sights on the trip home

I had to get JulieAnn to stop to allow me to take this: The Rock NSW Australia
(where JA lives)
Beautiful scenery with the Canola fields in front.
More work on Little Sparrow: another piece completed (except for touch of embroidery)

Also part of LS, 12 of these babies.

Prep work underway to complete 13 of these; all hand pieced.

Well bloggers that will have to be it for this update, I'm having trouble with formatting. I hope you enjoyed the scenery.

Take care, wherever you may be
Til next Time; Happy Stitching

Linda xx