12 September 2018

The Birds

A very quick Hi to share 2 more completed blocks for Expression of Morris. They are Birds - but I see chooks & dragons... but maybe that's just me!!
Just the centre to go now - YAY!!

And just in case you've forgotten;
this is Expression of Morris. Pattern by Katie Friesen at http://houseofcreations.ca/books.htm.
(I'm sorry I don't know who made the quilt in this picture)

I will replace the border with nice "Morris" type print. I bought this as a BOM approx 8 years ago and have only just started it this year. Other blocks in Earlier Posts.

Til next Time, Happy Stitching

5 September 2018

September = Spring

Well September means Spring is upon us here in Australia after a cold, frosty & dry winter. Many parts of the country are in severe drought making it extremely tough on our farmers who are unable to feed stock and struggle to keep going. We need drenching rain and lots of it, soon!

Wattle Blossoms on a recent Lunchtime Walk
I just love our Blue Australian Skies

The Murrumbidgee River here in Wagga Wagga NSW.
Slowly rising after a draining summer.
And not to forget Quilting News.
The Rail-fence quilt I started for my brother's upcoming wedding (in November) is totally finished. I'm extremely happy to tick it off the list and get back to my regular stitching. I used a French General Jellyroll for the top from the Ville Fleurie range. The backing is scrappy, also made  from the same range. I decided as it's a special gift to have it professionally quilted - because that is definitely not my thing.

The progress on these birds (which I call Chooks, but think they kind of look like Dragons) has been slow, but progress none the less. I need to get it finished and onto prepping the final block which is centre for Expression of Morris.
And to finish I had to share a photo of this yummy platter we enjoyed on an outing last week
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Til next Time

27 August 2018

Eyton Hall Hoorah!

Hi Friends

I'm sew excited to share that I've finished the top of Eyton Hall, the quilt I've designed myself to utilise my favourite toile fabrics. I spent the weekend removing last of the papers and it's ready now for quilting - that will be a task!!

There was also a bit of this on the Weekend
This being the last week of Winter in Australia where we a desperate for rain, I hope this finds you Happy & Healthy.

til next time

1 August 2018

Happy Pfaffing!

Hi All
Time for a quick post of this weeks progress. Can you believe its August already!!
I got on with the Rail Fence Quilt and managed to get the entire top completed. It was a happy Pfaffing weekend! I've also made the backing from the Ville Fleurie range, using up all of a 1/2 yardage package JulieAnn & I shared. I'm very happy not to have to buy more fabric to finish this one off. As this is a wedding gift I've plenty of time now to get the quilting done.

I'm happy with the finished look and will definitely keep this pattern in mind for future
Angus Carrying our Quality Control
And snoozing...its what he does best

Happy Stitching Friends

Til next Time

26 July 2018

Life's Blessings

Well I totally missed this week's WIP Wednesday link up; the weekend trip to visit my girls on the coast caught up with me. I also had not managed any stitching since then either.

Grandchildren = Life's Blessings

My little treasure Miller is growing so much in every way, as they do at this age (2 1/2). She is an absolute delight, with boundless non stop energy & Mimmi just isn't used to it anymore, I was exhausted! My Grandmother name was Mim, Miller has changed it to Mimmi & I absolutely love it, just as I adore everything about her.

Some photo's of Miller & her handbag that I made (which she loved) and the lipstick I put in it (which she loved even more). Everywhere we went, had to put the lippy on, but that's what Mummy does!!

I hope you enjoy!

Mummy & Miller in Matching Outfits (someone still putting on lippy)
More lippy needed for car trip

We shared lots of special time playing, mostly in & out of Mimmi's bed. And if it was Miller's bed time, Mimmi had to go rest too. I have a photo of her with eyes closed putting lippy on...but having trouble loading photo's again.
She really is precious.

This is Dharla; she decided I could sit on "her" chair.

She is Everything & More
And to finish off; I managed a few minutes this morning to continue on with the Rail Fence Wedding Quilt. Cutting the strips into squares - the fun part of laying them out is next!!

Hoping this finds you well, wherever in this world you may be
Til Next Time
Happy Stitching

18 July 2018

WoW #2

Hi All

Trying to keep with the momentum & writing another post for WIP Wednesday.

Yesterday I began what will be a Wedding Quilt for my older Brother & his Bride in November. Knowing I'll be doing the quilting I needed to get a start on it. I've had a jellyroll & fabrics from the Ville Fleurie French General range for some time now & decided to put it to good use. Then the pattern.... lots of choices but have decided to go with a Rail Post Fence design. This morning before work I've pressed the strips I sewed last night; ready to get cutting.

Also on the go for this Wednesday is Expression of Morris block no 7. Trying to get these leaves out of the way before tackling the birds. I have so much trouble getting photos to load properly, especially those taken in Portrait. Thankfully this one has today, but only after editing in another program. Blogger is also not playing nice by now not notifying you when you receive comments on your posts!! 

If you look back at previous posts I've loaded a photo of what this quilt looks like.
Am Loving the craft of Candle Making. These were a friends order and also a birthday gift for someone special. I'm still very new at it and learn something from each batch made.

The Finished Product
And this is me on a Wintery Saturday morning

This is how I left Angus this morning - enjoying the warmth inside, in his Happy Place. 
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Happy Stitching

11 July 2018

WoW #1

Hi Friends

Thought I'd do something different & join WOW or Work in Progress on Wednesdays with Esther's Quilt Blog and show you what's in progress at the moment.

Expression of Morris continues with Block 7 Underway.

These are called Dancing Birds...and all looks a bit messy at the moment. As with the other blocks I'm simplifying as I go as there are meant to be soooo many little pieces it's just too much. My plan is to embroider in the detail when all finished. This quilt has waited 8+ years to get started and was bought as a BOM. I'm not too impressed with several of the fabrics, they are not great quality; I just want it out of the way.
Recently completed Block 6: Sunflowers.

And for something completely different, I made and almost completed this little handbag for my Granddaughter on the weekend. I'm delighted to say I'll be heading to the South Coast of Eastern Australia (about 5 1/2 hrs drive for me) to see my daughter & precious little girl very soon. Cannot wait to see them and get my hug fix.


Angus enjoying some sunshine recently
(not on these frosty mornings though)
Til next time
Happy Stitching wherever you may be