4 February 2016

Home = Happy Place

Hello Friends
Two days before Christmas I moved into what will be my family home for many years to come with my Partner, my 23 year old Son and the fluffy one; Angus.
The process of making it our home has brought so much joy & peace to my heart.
And how wonderful it feels to have Me back & inspired to sew again

Quilts on Display
Angus has made himself very much at home, here on Breast of Friends
and here on Simply Red
I've had Baskets for You (Sue Daly) quilted & now awaits for binding & a label.
I plan for this to go in the Master Bedroom 

The Prince Quilt (Susan Smith) has also been to the quilters & is all finished.
I love this quilt so much

(and so does Angus)
The Prince's backing; he needed something special

Showing off on the spare bed

And my happiest place......
Will try to update QWE a little more frequently this year (and must get JA back on to share her accomplishments). Stitching continues on Irish Circles (Karen Cunningham), more pictures to share next time
Until then
Happy Stitching
Linda xx

4 December 2015

Another Year Almost Gone..

Hello Friends

Where has time gone, it's hard to believe that here we are nearly at the end of 2015.

Life is just too busy for everyone; days roll into weeks, weeks into months & bang, 12 months is done - again.

2015 has been another big year in my books, I'm looking forward to 2016 being more settled, a year of new beginnings, new life & happier days (and a lot more stitching!!)

Some pictures to finish:
The Prince
A Susan Smith Design

A few of the blocks
Final Flower to be Stitched
Time to Join

All together  & ready for quilting (next year)
I really REALLY love this quilt, its a favourite.

I also love Lilies
And grew these 

After quite a time apart; Irish Circles is back on the agenda

Hello from Angus, who for the first time in 11 years was extremely ill.
Very happy to have my fluffy boy home

Also reporting I am to be a Grandmother (Mim) early 2016; this is the cake I had made for my daughters baby shower.
This is Mim's Quilt: A wallhanging made using Michele Hill's design
It took great precedence in recent months

And I saw in the big 5-0
Its been a huge year

So to all of you
Have a wonderful rest of the year, and
Wishing you a Christmas filled with Love & Peace
til next year
Happy Stitching

14 May 2015

Florence is Dressed

A very quick photo update of my latest work: meet Something About Florence,
a beautiful design by Susan Smith

A big Girl - Florence has her final border on & is now completely dressed

A little detail - final flowers done

Angus thought he would interrupt progress

In Australia we celebrated Mothers Day on Sunday.
This is my Mum, a very special lady
Til next time, which will hopefully be soon
Happy Stitching

3 February 2015

A New Year

Hello Friends

Here we are in February - good grief!! Time to make an update before another month goes by.

Last year I had a couple of finishes which now that they've been gifted I can share.

Firstly, French Mosaic a Karen Cunningham design started in 2012 as Summer School was completed & given to my sister for her 60th Birthday in January. I used predominantly French General fabrics and changed the design layout (slightly). The label is a doiley made by my Grandmother on my dad's side who I never knew, but my sister has fond memories of her so thought she'd appreciate its use on her quilt.


The special man in my life has quite a liking to the Confederate Flag. On finding a pattern for making such a thing I ventured into making something completely different. Lots of measuring, cutting, stitching, cutting, stitching & so on. However I was extremely dissapointed & needless to say angry that there was a major error in the pattern which couldn't been rectified as only appeared at end completion.

JA had been talking about making a "Frozen" quilt for her grand-daughter and on a trip away had managed to find a panel & some fabrics. A very good friend's daughter loves Frozen so much I decided to do the same. She was thrilled & wraps herself in it every night, even though in Australia it is Summer!



Now they are out the way I'm currently working on Something About Florence a design by  Susan Smith. JulieAnn is also making this one, we are both very excited to be attending Susan's workshop in March for The Prince. Nothing beats a new project!!

To finish a picture taken at Southwest Rocks on the northern NSW coast while visiting my sister for her birthday. A beautiful little part of our country not yet over commercialised and hopefully stays that way.

And of course Angus has to have an appearance, this being his Christmas shot.

Til next time, happy stitching


10 December 2014

Christmas Wishes

Hello Friends

It's December already!! Can't believe its that time of year again....

Finding the time to blog doesn't seem to happen as much as JulieAnn & I would both like. Life just gets too busy. But when busy means stitching, creating & Finishing projects well thats okay.

We both share alot of our updates on Instagram as its nice & quick so don't forget to follow us:

Linda - lmg065
JulieAnne - julquilts

Between us we have a few projects to call Finish but won't share any pictures today, will leave that for the New Year.

Today we simply would like to wish all our Blogger Friends a safe & Merry Christmas with family & loved ones. See you in 2015

I just had to add this!
Love & Best Wishes
Happy Stitching
Linda & JulieAnn

12 September 2014

Baskets For You

Good Morning Friends

Its the start of Spring in Australia & we are being blessed with beautiful blue skies here in Wagga Wagga and the temperature is beginning to warm slightly. We could do with some decent rain though to settle the dust & keep everything green.

I've been busy stitching away on Baskets for You a Sue Daley design over the last 6 months. 128 needleturned baskets plus a centre block also needleturn. I bought this as a Block of Month over a year ago, I was thoroughly delighted with fabric selections & quantity supplied, No scrimping!!

So some progress photos below leading to the finished top with borders attached just last night. What a feeling it's been, to be actually achieving & getting things done.
In short - its my Therapy.

 Thoughts of never seeing the end!
 All 128 Baskets stitched
At the machine

A growing quilt

Final stitches on the Centre

Centre Complete

All joined - I needed to include a very small border around the centre block which is not in the design as I chose not to trim all blocks back by 1/2 inch.

Borders on & Baskets For You top is complete.
Below is a pic of it on a bed, just to have a better look

Angus is loving the warmer mornings in the sunshine too

He's such a smoocher 

I love seeing what everyone is doing, it provides so much inspiration. Remember to find me on Instagram lmg065 where Angus is the star's.

Til next time, Happy Stitching