21 May 2019

May Musings

Hi All
I cannot believe how fast time is getting away. The weather is cooling in our part of Australia and the Autumn leaves are everywhere, thank goodness, but we are still desperate for good rain.
May means my love & I have celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary...he's truly a special one and fills my heart every single day. 

Onto other nice things!
After completing the top of Jane Austeen a Di Ford-Hall design way back over the 2016 Christmas break I finally decided on a border and got it attached. I'm really happy with the total look after not knowing how I wanted it finished. 
What do you think? Now of course to be quilted (not a me job) as I'd really love to have it on our bed this winter.

Happy Linda

Roses are coming to end but the blooms do not disappoint at this time of year, especially after the blasting heat of a dry hot summer

This is Irish Circles, a needle turned & hand pieced quilt designed by Karen Cunningham. I got the top together in 2016, at that stage taking about 6 years! I've commenced hand quilting, a big first for me and to be honest all I can see is how long it will take.

First Stitches of hand quilting after having the quilt professionally machine basted

And what is a post without Angus! This was Sunday morning on our bed, happy with himself because Mum didn't move him to make it. Love our Fur-baby (14)

That's about it til next time
Happy Stitching wherever you may be


11 March 2019

Marching On

Hi Friends

Just popping in to say a quick hello with a few photo's

Mother's Love Rose blooms in the garden after all the searing heat. She is such a beauty

63 Emma Mary blocks are completed and over the weekend I've organised the next batch. They are really nice & easy to work on!!

I also started working on The Chapman Coverlet from Susan Smith. You can find her here: https://patchworkonstonleigh.typepad.com/ Susan's book Quilts Somewhat in the Middle is now available and we have a copy YAY (thankyou JA) it is exquisite and most definitely worth adding to your collection. 

Prepping underway

In the trusty chocolate tin for lunchtime sewing at work 
Julieann has already made one Chapman and can be seen at an earlier post  JulieAnn's Chapman Quilt. She is actually making another... I've requested photo's from JA to share with you; she's been very busy stitching and achieved lots!! 

I had a change of pace and made a couple of Diffuser's. Wow these were so easy and it's fabulous supplies can be easily sourced from candle supply businesses

My beautiful Granddaughter Miller who I'm excitedly taking a trip to the coast to visit this week.
Mimmi is missing her girls (Miller & her Mummy)

Angus doing what he does Best

Well that's it for now; I hope you are well where-ever you are

Thankyou for dropping in

til next time

4 February 2019

A Finish!!

Hi All

Had to share a few pics of the Finished Eyton Hall.

This quilt was my own design to utilise Toile fabrics which I love so much and 5/8" hexies. All handpieced except for the quilting (which I did myself) by machine

The name Eyton Hall comes from a part of my family heritage in the UK ~ Eyton Upon the Weald Moors

Started September 2016 and finished 2nd February 2019

til next time

the Backing

New home on the Spare Bed (my sewing room)

18 January 2019

Lets Go ~ 2019!

Hi All

Hello from Hot Australia.

Its hard to believe Christmas & New Year is past us now and we are more than 3/4 way into January.

Here We Go Again!!

We are experiencing extraordinary heat these last weeks with temperatures above 40 Degrees Celcius everyday and it seems won't be letting up for a time. 45 yesterday, today's forecast 44. While where I am in Wagga Wagga NSW, we get these temperatures, its not normally for this length of time. I'm fortunate to work indoors (allbeit the airconditioner has crashed today) but I so feel for everyone who works outdoors and in hot jobs and of course all the animals. 

I've being doing a few bits and pieces, I soon hope to share with you Eyton Hall finished which I decided to quilt myself...because Done is Done Right!!

Here are 2 more blocks of Emma Mary, the quilt from Judy Newman. I've got a little pile done now and need to prepare another batch...the fun part! Will share more photo's soon

My little blossom had her cast removed on Christmas Eve and the beach is now open Bless Her. She accessorised herself on this day and definitely has The Look.

Jane MCgrath rose has bloomed again after being frizzled, she is in a pot and now moved to get some shade during the day. My roses planted in the garden are all holding up really well. 

Angus, doing what he does best to cope in the heat

I hope this post finds you well and happy wherever you may be

Til Next Time
Happy Stitching


11 December 2018

Christmas Ready

Hi All
Well here we are almost half way through December - it's crazy isn't it!! 
I spent the weekend getting our home Christmas ready. I myself am not Christmas ready though with shopping still to take care of and food to think about.
Below are decorations I've made with a lot of Pinterest use for inspiration. It looks so pretty with all the lights going and truly helps to get everyone in the Spirit of Christmas.

I've made these table runners as gifts using a Pole Runner pattern. I haven't made myself one but plan on using this design for a non Christmas version. 

this pic is upside down and I can't fix it!!

More Christmas decorations

This year we have a proper tree. It was a big job starting from scratch and deciding how I wanted to decorate, so it kind of evolved. I will continue to add to it each year plus I have some special baubles coming with our names, hoping they arrive soon.

Angus enjoying the cool, under the inside tree

Mimmi & Miller
Last week I had to make an unexpected trip to the coast to help out with my beautiful Granddaughter Miller, she is 2yrs 10months. Dear little poppet broke her left arm, completely snapping both bones which happened during normal play, falling off the lounge.
She has been so brave and has a very heavy full cast up to her underarm which will remain on for 8 weeks in total. Being summer and living near the beach this is going to be a really hard time for them all. 
I am a little excited at the moment as we are making what is a planned trip on the weekend for Christmas so I get to see my girls again. Yay!!

And here is the commencement of a new project - Emma Mary. A Judy Newman design which is hand pieced and consists of 200+ blocks as I'm not doing the centre. 
The pattern is in Judy's book "Quilts for Life Made with Love" which you can find here www.averyfinehouse.com.au
I will keep you posted as she progresses

Well that is all for today and just in case I don't get back, wishing all you lovely readers from around the world, a most Wonderful Christmas shared with those you love.

Peace ~ Joy ~ Love

20 November 2018

Coming Up Roses

Hi Friends

After being on a roll and keeping up with everything, Life as it often does gets in the way. Things have turned around and at the moment, we are on a good path and here's hoping to it continuing.

A few photo's to share; yesterday I completed the centre and final block for Expression of Morris. The second pic shows what the layout will be. I'm going to use the Quilt as You Go method for quilting and it also needs a border fabric. That will wait a little while as I've a new project I want to start and am also trying to get a few Christmas projects done. Christmas... hard to believe isn't it!

Now I've called this post Coming up Roses for a reason! My little garden is blooming nicely, below are a few for your enjoyment. 

 Fairytale Magic is new for this Year; she is exquisite.

 The Lady of Shallot, a David Austin Rose is a pure delight

William Morris... another David Austin does not dissapoint!

Dark Desire; new last year. She is an absolute beauty

 Extase has been a long time favourite; the scent is delicious

My Magnolia Little Gem has such large blooms this year and the busy are absolutely loving it. 
The tree is a mass of buds. 

I recently had a birthday and received these shoes as a gift. Aren't they gorgeous!

I'm blessed to have the most beautiful people in my life

Hope you are well wherever you may be.
Til next time, Happy Stitching