9 June 2020

Fresh Start

Hi All

Its been a long while since our last Hello. So much has happened in our World since then, on the homefront & Globally; sew I'm just going to start afresh with a photo update. 

Grab your Beverage of Choice and Enjoy!

Update from Linda xx 

Mother's Love Rose

Josephine, my "Convict Challenge Quilt" of years ago was finally Quilted & 
I couldn't be Happier

EMMA MARY - a Judy Newman Design top is Finished and now waiting to be Quilted. 
She is very big, my 2 boys had trouble holding her up!! Emma is hand pieced.

ADELAIDE FLORAL SAMPLER top - a Michele Hill design is another finish and joining the to be quilted list. I had plans of this being a wallhanging and made it smaller, as no black bed quilts with Angus in the house! 
Adelaide is machine raw-edge appliqued.

GARDEN AT EDERVEEN top - a Susan Smith design. We girls attended a workshop a few months ago and were able to choose which quilt we started. I've modified mine considerably to be a small wallhanging; Ederveen is needle-turn applique. This can be found in Susan's Book: Quilts, Somewhat in the Middle from Quiltmania.

I made this little cushion, a kit from Cutting Cloth, which used gorgeous Liberty prints and a crochet edge. The second photo being in its home on my  Granddaughter's bed.

"Remembrance" - a spur of the moment decision to make this for my Brother in Law. I used the panel Remembering Gallipoli, and crafted the border from fabrics in the range. 
He was thrilled and had it hanging the very next day.

Now this one might look familiar to you. Little Sparrow another design by Susan Smith.
Finished the top in 2017 but not the border. I decided it needed to be finished properly so got to making the hand pieced sawtooth border consisting of about 400 pieces.
I love this quilt, its another for the To be Quilted List. 

And what's a post without Angus - it isn't a post of course!! 

I got to making a batch of candles over the weekend; mainly refills for me.
Have called myself Crown Jewell Candles

JulieAnn & I managed to catch up last week, at long last, if only for a few hours. 
It was very good for the soul.

Update from JulieAnn xx

Five Sisters top Completed with needleturn applique

JulieAnn LOVES little squares and has recently made this top while working on another.

Sweet Pea

Jane Austeen (a Di Ford-Hall design). Gorgeous in Pink

WhirlyGig Quilt Completed using QAYG technique.

A UFO top completed as well

Well thats about it for now, hope you enjoyed it

Thankyou for stopping by

Love Linda

10 October 2019

More Morris

Hi Friends
A completed Expression of Morris. This photo is without binding, however it is all done and now on the spare bed. I'm just needing help to take proper photo's.

Angus has given his paw approval of the new quilt

It is Spring now in Australia, which is lovely except the hay-fever has already hit with a vengeance which is bad sign of the season to come. And the start of Spring also means unsettled weather with great variances in temperature. 

I only had 3 tulips this year, but they were lovely. 
I'm really looking forward to my roses blooming

I decided needed a change of view and have started a new project and yes it's another Morris inspired quilt.
Adelaide Floral Sampler by Michele Hill
I bought this from Berrima Patchwork many years ago as a block of the month in the Black version.
I've already decided to make it a wall hanging and not one for the bed - you've seen Angus!!
So its having some minor adjustments to make it smaller

This is it - Adelaide Floral Sampler

Well that's all for today, thankyou for dropping by.
JulieAnn has been on a roll with her quilts - we'll have another catchup soon so I can share some photo's with you.

Also, if you'd like to comment I've had to place a "moderation email" thing on (hoping it works) as I was bombarded with Spam comments on many posts - fingers crossed I've deleted them all!! Such a shame these things, and these people try to ruin it for everyone. 

Til next time

12 September 2019

Quilting Morris

Hi Friends

I recently started quilting Expression of Morris using the QAYG method. That part is working wonderfully. However, my Pfaff Expressions 4 gave me all sorts of bother, again, and I was ready to throw it. Each time I start to quilt, even when used 2 weeks earlier, those settings gave me grief. Whether it be breaking & shredding thread or jumping stitches the frustration of this temperamental machine and just wanting to sew has driven me to tears. I joined a lovely group on FB and asked for help, which I got lots of. Who knew that reducing the needle tension, considerably, was really the key after all. I kind of thought that this expensive clever machine would set itself correctly when choosing the different applications, as in Free Motion Quilting. It was also suggested to use the Spring loaded foot for echo work so I can slow down and this helped too. So lots of trial and error, we are on a roll and back to happy Pfaffing!

Here are the blocks completed so far:

I recently flew to Melbourne for work and captured the Natural Patchwork Landscape from above

Beautiful Canola Fields in our area of regional NSW Australia. It's a yellow that makes you smile on the Inside, even on a not so bright spring day.

This is Bertie (Albert) as I've named him, the resident Magpie at work who lands for breakfast when I arrive. He also gets lunch and sometimes afternoon snack as well. I don't see his wife Rose as much at the moment as she's busy on the nest and Bertie is collecting food for her. She will come in later in the season when they bring their young one to meet me.

I bought a removable design wall from Amazon (cost $27AU posted from the US). It has eyelets and is attached to sticky hooks - those ones you can remove without tearing the paint. I've had a bit of a play with Emma Mary, a Judy Newman design, to at sometime get onto joining them and not leaving til all 225 are done!

Angus my Fluffy.

And with Wayne my Love, my ever so sweet and thoughtful Husband, who got me away for the weekend for some time out. Am going through some hard times and we are far from the other side of it.
Wherever you are, I hope you are OK. 
Reach out if you are not, because you are Worthy and it's Ok to not be Ok.. you just don't want to stay there

Heartfelt Love

14 August 2019


Hi All
I just had to share that Irish Circles is Completed and on the Bed!! I'll add some better photo's when the weather is better.

The final stitch on binding

Angus getting comfy in his bed, waiting on me to also go to bed so he can join me.

Frosty winter Mornings on new Ornamental Pear buds 

Happy Stitching
til next time

31 July 2019

Quilting Circles

Hi Friends
Just a quick progress update to end the month with. I've completed the hand quilting on Irish Circles. I'm so pleased I've stuck with it and can now see this quilt being finished, very soon! I'm currently machine quilting the borders with clamshells.

Irish Circles is a Karen Cunningham design, hand pieced & needleturn Applique

Til next time
Happy Stitching


3 July 2019

Sunday Sewing

We were lucky enough to spend a few hours catching up and stitching on Sunday. How lovely it was to enjoy each other's company and not be in a rush. I took photo's of just a few of JulieAnn's works of the moment.
Working on the borders for 5 Sisters Quilt a Susan Smith Design
Chapman Quilt, JulieAnn's second one! Another Susan Smith Design. 
That centre is amazing!

This Postage Stamp Quilt is a Gift!! And has now been sent off to the quilter

A beautiful quilt on JA's Hand Quilting pile.

Another Gift Quilt!! This one is for JulieAnn's eldest son who's a huge Hawks (Hawthorn) fan. This would be a super king size - it is huge and such an achievement. 
A lovely William Morris also on the Quilting pile.

I'm sure you'll agree JulieAnn's work is amazing - she is such a talented lady. We really need to document her work more often.

I continued on hand quilting Irish Circles
And making the most of the natural light in JulieAnn's Jane got a proper photo

Thankyou for dropping by today

Til Next Time
Happy Stitching