9 June 2017

Eyton Hall

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from Australia on a winters day where the fog still hadn't lifted at lunch-time! It maybe cold & bleek outside but there is always colour & inspiration to be found.

I decided I would attempt hand-quilting Irish Circles (photo's in earlier posts). You can see below I had my usual helper providing assistance to tack & prep the quilt. No stitches as yet which has Angus very happy as he's decided its his new bed!

Angus "Helping"

Now onto Eyton Hall - the toile & hexie quilt of my own design. Below are a few progress shots, all be it, very slow progress.

Frames Stitched & Rows Organised

The Joining Process Begins

More, more and more
Laid out to have a look; quite a way to go but am very happy to see my plan / design coming together. 

 And, I have news!! I said Yes to the man in my life and we will marry May of next year. Exciting times ahead as we build a new life together.

Bubbles Flowers & card from a lovely friend

At the end of this month JulieAnn & I are off to the Sydney Quilt Show in Darling Harbour. We are seewww excited. 4 days away of pure delight!! Look forward to sharing our trip with you.

til next time,
happy Stitching