12 September 2014

Baskets For You

Good Morning Friends

Its the start of Spring in Australia & we are being blessed with beautiful blue skies here in Wagga Wagga and the temperature is beginning to warm slightly. We could do with some decent rain though to settle the dust & keep everything green.

I've been busy stitching away on Baskets for You a Sue Daley design over the last 6 months. 128 needleturned baskets plus a centre block also needleturn. I bought this as a Block of Month over a year ago, I was thoroughly delighted with fabric selections & quantity supplied, No scrimping!!

So some progress photos below leading to the finished top with borders attached just last night. What a feeling it's been, to be actually achieving & getting things done.
In short - its my Therapy.

 Thoughts of never seeing the end!
 All 128 Baskets stitched
At the machine

A growing quilt

Final stitches on the Centre

Centre Complete

All joined - I needed to include a very small border around the centre block which is not in the design as I chose not to trim all blocks back by 1/2 inch.

Borders on & Baskets For You top is complete.
Below is a pic of it on a bed, just to have a better look

Angus is loving the warmer mornings in the sunshine too

He's such a smoocher 

I love seeing what everyone is doing, it provides so much inspiration. Remember to find me on Instagram lmg065 where Angus is the star's.

Til next time, Happy Stitching