22 February 2012

Mr Stewart in Melbourne

On Friday hubby & I made our way to Melbourne to see Rod Stewart at Rod Laver Arena. One of my all time favourites, I worked out I'd been a fan since I was 10! The wait was well worth it...the voice - the hair - those shoes!! We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, he was Brilliant. And Diesel was non too shabby either.

As far as cities go - I love Melbourne. I could spend all my time taking photos of buildings.

Just a couple of photos for you to enjoy.

Til next time
Mode of Transport: Ducati ST3

 Mr Rod Stewart

The Block Arcade

Mode of transport for most of trip home: An Unfixable Puncture!

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  1. HI you gorgeous girls - welcome to blog land!!! great to see and hear from you again!! Hugs and more XXX