26 May 2014

The Geese Are Flying

Hello Friends

I'm so pleased with my progress of late I thought I'd share the process of making the flying geese border to go on my 2012 convict challenge quilt.
What I have realised that is if life was "normal" in 2012 I actually would have had it completed on time. Never mind, I've had alot more time to contemplate the design.
As stated in my last blog, I was going with the 4-geese no waste method. It has worked wonderfully. Due to constraints of only working with the fabrics in my package, my geese are not the colours as there wasn't enough to cut required amount of larger squares.

I hope you enjoy following my journey.
All pieces cut, pinning in progress
Stitching underway

First Cut

Pressed ready for next stage

2nd Pinning

On a roll, stitching next lot of squares

Which came to a screaming halt thanks to Angus!
2nd attempt before work; Geese are Growing
A tin of Geese ready to join
A quiet moment at work, sorted ready for more pinning.

 From there, they were all joined & attached.
The Geese are Flying
Now for the next stage......
My Angus, giving me the look again before going to work during the week.
Til next time, Happy Stitching

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  1. What a great way to make flying geese, I always make them by hand.
    Love the quilttop !