21 April 2017

Sparrow is Flying

Hi Friends
Following prep of 8 applique blocks at last month's getaway I've stitched every chance I could and below is the result!
Little Sparrow (design by Susan Smith) is together but still has some finishing touches by way of a little embroidery for sparrow beaks and legs as well as detail in a few leaves & flowers.
I started this quilt at Summer School 2010 - 7 Years Ago!!  
Final Stitches
A few of my favourite fabrics in this flower and throughout the quilt

 Little Sparrow ~ almost there
A Close-up of the Hand Pieced Centre and those Fiddly Blocks!
Now its onto getting that embroidery done and continuing with other projects underway.

Roses from my Garden
Lady of Shallot ~ Garden Delight ~ Splice ~ Jane McGrath

Mother's Love

I hope you had a Happy & Peaceful Easter with those you love
Until next time
Happy Stitching
Linda xx

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