5 September 2018

September = Spring

Well September means Spring is upon us here in Australia after a cold, frosty & dry winter. Many parts of the country are in severe drought making it extremely tough on our farmers who are unable to feed stock and struggle to keep going. We need drenching rain and lots of it, soon!

Wattle Blossoms on a recent Lunchtime Walk
I just love our Blue Australian Skies

The Murrumbidgee River here in Wagga Wagga NSW.
Slowly rising after a draining summer.

And not to forget Quilting News.
The Rail-fence quilt I started for my brother's upcoming wedding (in November) is totally finished. I'm extremely happy to tick it off the list and get back to my regular stitching. I used a French General Jellyroll for the top from the Ville Fleurie range. The backing is scrappy, also made  from the same range. I decided as it's a special gift to have it professionally quilted - because that is definitely not my thing.

The progress on these birds (which I call Chooks, but think they kind of look like Dragons) has been slow, but progress none the less. I need to get it finished and onto prepping the final block which is centre for Expression of Morris.
And to finish I had to share a photo of this yummy platter we enjoyed on an outing last week

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Til next Time



  1. C'est intéressant chez vous le printemps et ici en France c'est l'automne,nous avions un été très chaud et sec !
    J'aime beaucoup ce quilt,un très beaux tissus,French Général et un de mes tissus preferé!
    Bonne couture
    Belle semaine

  2. Thankyou Marie! I just love French General fabrics and if I could would buy much more of them.
    Happy Sewing to you too, enjoy your autumn.
    XX Linda