21 May 2019

May Musings

Hi All
I cannot believe how fast time is getting away. The weather is cooling in our part of Australia and the Autumn leaves are everywhere, thank goodness, but we are still desperate for good rain.
May means my love & I have celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary...he's truly a special one and fills my heart every single day. 

Onto other nice things!
After completing the top of Jane Austeen a Di Ford-Hall design way back over the 2016 Christmas break I finally decided on a border and got it attached. I'm really happy with the total look after not knowing how I wanted it finished. 
What do you think? Now of course to be quilted (not a me job) as I'd really love to have it on our bed this winter.

Happy Linda

Roses are coming to end but the blooms do not disappoint at this time of year, especially after the blasting heat of a dry hot summer

This is Irish Circles, a needle turned & hand pieced quilt designed by Karen Cunningham. I got the top together in 2016, at that stage taking about 6 years! I've commenced hand quilting, a big first for me and to be honest all I can see is how long it will take.

First Stitches of hand quilting after having the quilt professionally machine basted

And what is a post without Angus! This was Sunday morning on our bed, happy with himself because Mum didn't move him to make it. Love our Fur-baby (14)

That's about it til next time
Happy Stitching wherever you may be



  1. Hi Linda! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. I hope life is treating you both well and that you are settling into married life nicely. Aww, Angus looks QUITE comfortable laying on that pretty quilt. My niece lived for a bit in New South Wales and we visited her in August back in 2001 or so. It seemed like winter was just passing and Spring was thinking about happening. Your roses look so pretty even if they are waning - there is still time to enjoy them. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thankyou so much for your lovely words Roseanne, your comment made me smile. I only have space for a small garden and absolutely love my roses, am definitely making the most of their autumn blooms. Always time to smell the roses xx Linda

  2. Both are gorgeous. The hand applique and quilting may seem daunting now, just think of the sense of accomplishment you will feel once complete. Happy anniversary.

    1. Thankyou for you lovely wishes. I think with the hand quilting I just need to look at where I'm at...not at what's ahead. A little each should help move it along. xx Linda

  3. Beautiful quilts indeed. And hello to Angus, such a handsome boy.

  4. Yes our fluffy one is very handsome boy, he's 14 1/2. Thankyou for popping by and commenting xx Linda

  5. When hand quilting Linda ALL ways look and admire what you have done NEVER at what needs to be done LOL Im still hand quilting a 1930's 1 1/2 inch hexagon unfinished quilt I bought online from USA , quilting around the inside of every hexagon and I Just love dreaming about the women who made all these tiny hexagons back in 1930's and what life must have been like????? Ive been working on and off on this king size quilt for 6 years???? But if I don't finish it I know some one else will. But I know know it will be around for another 60 0r 100 years if loved?

  6. Hi Glenda. Now that Irish Circles is finished quilting I've very happy with the result. I kept it pretty simple, but managed to get it done a lot quicker than I thought. Love to see the quilt you are working on. You'll get there, I'm sure of it xx