29 July 2012

More Boxes

Time just slips away....all those "Life" things going on that intefere with nice things like sewing! Here's a little update from me.

I've started hand quilting Lullabye a quilt by Karen Cunningham. JulieAnn has given me lessons on the "rocking method" which I'm afraid I can't get the hang of...so its the Linda method! Still a way to go, but am very pleased so far.

We do have some nice things to look forward to in August...hence the reason for More Boxes.

A Saturday bus trip to Canberra for the Craft & Quilt show - its always a great day out & we don't have to do the driving.

At the end of the month we're attending a workshop at Carolyns Quilting Room to enjoy a Trunkshow & class with Katrina Hadjimichael. Its Sew exciting!!

I've also started receiving Baskets for You BOM from Sue Daly. It is GORGEOUS...I am in love with this quilt...but for now, its in one of those boxes.

Thanks for seeing what we're doing.

Til Next Time

Linda xx

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