14 August 2012

My Time at Home Alone.

For 2 weeks over May/June I spent my very first time alone for longer than 3 days .  I had gone from living with my parents, to married then married with children.  Never in 50 years have I had more than 3 nights by my self.  Wow  is it different!  DH and DS No 1 went to England to visit DD and DS No2.  I stayed home alone.

So what did I do?  Anything I wanted!!

Apart from going to work, time was my own.  I made it my mission to try to get some of my quilt tops that were almost done, that much closer to being done.  ( I can't use the F word).

My first quilt top was La Naissance, a quilt by Susan Smith from Wodonga. I had all but finished it 2 years ago.  I wanted a Fresh, bright summer quilt. All it needed was 20 small hexagon flowers.  I found the fabrics and off I went.  It did take me a week, (slow going, I know) but I got them made.

Then it took 3 days to sew them onto the top.

Here it is ready and waiting for it's Flowers

All the flowers ready to go.... at last.

Mmmmm Is this how I want them????

Sewing the last stitch.....

Taa dah!!!!!!  Done!

It is now ready for quilting.  It is a large King size so there is no way I will be quilting it. 

Next on the list was the scrolls on My William Morris Sampler By Michele Hill.  It has been awaiting its scrolls for about 4 years.  So I spend 4 nights tracing and cutting them out.

Then another night was spent positioning them and ironing them into place.  If I thought tracing and cutting took some time, it is nothing to how long it takes to blanket stitch around them.  I am almost done but life and family have delayed the process .

I even did some stitching in the "No Patchwork Allowed" place, our new pergola.  It did take him a while to realise I was sewing while we watched the Football.

When this one is done the next is another Michele Hill top, just awaiting the last 4 corner blocks to be sewn.  More on it when this current one is done.

Last Saturday Linda and joined a bus trip to Canberra to the Craft and Quilting Show.

A couple of Patterns purchased from Somerset

Some templates

and a book I am very pleased to have bought.

Thanks for joining me on my journey and I will try to make more regular updates.

That should spur me on to keep achieving......



shouldn't it?????????

Happy stitching to All.