28 February 2014

As Time Ticks By....

Wow, it's been so long since I've posted I'd almost forgotten how!

Not much stitching has been happening in my camp, as my camp has been going through some major changes. Life changes which I can only say continue to be a challenge.

Slowly though, little pieces at a time, I'm finding my way back to doing what I love. Seeing what everyone else is doing & achieving, none more than my favourite accomplice JulieAnn, provides so much inspiration.

So for today, just a couple of pictorial updates.

Firstly, French Mosaic, a Karen Cunningham design, is getting closer to having the centre done.

Once done its just a matter of a couple of borders....so hopefully not too far away.

Then, onto baskets, this the first of MANY!!

And, at long last Mariners got its binding on & is proudly hanging.


Happy stitching everyone, til next time



  1. Hope everything is okay Linda xxx

    1. Thankyou Michele, yes am sure it will be in time. xx