9 April 2014

Sew Excited!!

Hello Friends

It's been quite some time, but I can really say I am excited, esctatic even!!

Tomorrow JulieAnn & I are heading off to Talbingo Mountain Retreat for a long weekend of stitching, relaxation, good times, wine & Friendship with a most lovely group of ladies.

Since my last post I've been progressing along with a couple of projects. They are definitely on the to do list this weekend.

Firstly I got the centre of French Mosaic completed, slightly modified from the original by Karen Cunningham, then attached first border #1. I got stuck with this fabric & ended up ordering something new & of course its another French General. WOW....how long it had been to get "happy mail".

Removing Papers

Centre Stitched
An Afternoon at the Machine

First Border & what I had for Final Border

The New Border Fabric

I've also got back to the Convict Challenge quilt - now this was meant to be finished in 2012. I'm very late, but keen for it to grow. My Brown Paper Bag was predonimantly pinks & yellows. I decided on paper piecing, its a design definitely in progress. My inspiration came from Annette Gero's book "The Fabric of Society - Australia's Quilt Heritage from Convict Times to 1960".


Sew til next time - very soon, happy stitching. I plan on updating a little more frequently. You can follow me on Instragram; User lmg065.

Linda xx



  1. Your projects are looking good !! Just found your blog and read some of the older post.
    I saw you are working on Little sparrows (just received that pattern). Did you finished that quilt?

  2. Hi Carin, I'm glad you found us. JulieAnn & I both started Little Sparrow at a Summer School with Susan a few years ago now. For both of us it remains on the to-do list...with lots to-do!
    Linda xx