21 June 2016

Holidays & Home

Hello Friends
I decided as half the year is about done an update was in order.

Its winter here and while the real icy weather hasn't quite hit we are getting more rain than is normal making the days rather bleak...perfect for quilting if one wasn't at work!

Firstly; I recently holidayed on Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday region of The Great Barrier Reef. I instantly fell in love with this idyllic paradise; Whitehaven Beach is truly magnificent, the water really is that blue and the sand the purest white! I am extremely thankful I enjoyed it above by helicopter and by the sea; with both options being essential on a trip to this region. The weather, the food, the people; everything was perfect.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays


I also made sure I saw the sunrise
A Room With a View At the ReefView Hotel

Some of the locals

A Dink or Two

 Not in time for Cuddles The Wildlife
Park but a very close view: Love our Koala's.
So beautiful to see them "at Home"
A Potoroo (so small and very cute)
And a 4.5metre (14 feet 7 inches) Saltwater Croc called this Park home

Back at home a few projects closer to completion and underway:

Irish Circles a pattern by Karen Cunningham needs its borders

The centre ring got a personal touch
Little Sparrow started many years ago now is back on the agenda; a Susan Smith design

This is Susan's Quilt; I have a long way to go!
Most recently I visited my Granddaughter Miller; she is now 4 months old & the most beautiful little treasure. She fills my heart & her Uncle Sam is pretty smitten too   
Miller 4 Months
With Uncle Sam
And Mim & Uncle Sam

And what would a post be without Angus XXX

A Bunny to Finish: I seem to have a liking for them at the moment; they are breeding :0)
Well that's it for now, hopefully next post will have some of JulieAnn's work: we are off on a weekend away stitching. Stay Posted!!
Until then
Happy Stitching
Linda xxx


  1. Good to see you blogging again Linda xx And so nice to see that warm sun with this chilly winter we are all having! Love, love little Miller......hugs from me xx

  2. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment Michele - Hugs to you too. Loving your new fabric range!! xxxx