27 April 2018

QWE Time

Last weekend JulieAnn & myself had our little getaway without leaving at our local caravan park on the river

We chilled out, laughed, ate, drank, sewed & watched DVD's ~ Elvis, Rod Stewart, Mama Mia, Take the Lead & Love Actually. It was what we both needed, desperately.

The time went way too quickly and its been decided Next Time will include an extra night stay.

As promised here a few pics of our time

This is Us in Happy Mode

I did a bit of this... its the start of a Corner to Corner crochet knee rug. I started it last year and as you can see I haven't progressed very far!

And this too...

The lovely JulieAnn with a very special project for a precious family member.

And a sneaky project JulieAnn has started recently (she amazes me by the way)

This is my Eyton, which continues to slowly grow and the vision in my head becomes reality

Miss JulieAnn worked on Ann Daggs quilt - so good to see her back on this one. Its been tucked away for a long time due to frustrating flowers. A new plan was devised for their replacement making completion a step closer. I meant to take a full photo of the quilt, (sorry I didn't), there is so much work in it and is utterly beautiful.

And by the River... 

We did a bit of this...

And this.... 

We had some Fluffy Visitors

That would be my Wayne who dropped in to say hi & stayed for delicious dinner prepared by JulieAnn

 And to finish this post - Mimi's William Morris Roses 
(Mimi because my precious Granddaughter has renamed me)

And Angus, who has been very smoochee & full of cuddles this week 

til next time (when I'll be a Mrs)


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