18 June 2018

Eyton Hall

Hi Friends,

A quick post of Eyton Hall's progress.
Hexies All Done!
Consisting of 1,838 5/8 inch hexies, the main part of the quilt is now complete. I've decided to attach this to a dark border instead of the originally planned full border of hexagon's because basically, I lost interest! But I'm completely thrilled with the outcome, I hope you like it.

To finish off today; a final show from Lady of Shallot.

And Angus, my happy Snuggler

Happy Stitching
til Next Time

Linda xx


  1. One of the most beautiful hexagon quilts I have seen. Very well done - it is exquisite!!

  2. Thankyou so much Spotty Dog!! That means a lot. I'm so sorry I haven't noticed your comment as I didn't receive an email notification.
    If you would please follow us - we don't have too many. I hope you enjoy our Blog