11 July 2018

WoW #1

Hi Friends

Thought I'd do something different & join WOW or Work in Progress on Wednesdays with Esther's Quilt Blog and show you what's in progress at the moment.

Expression of Morris continues with Block 7 Underway.

These are called Dancing Birds...and all looks a bit messy at the moment. As with the other blocks I'm simplifying as I go as there are meant to be soooo many little pieces it's just too much. My plan is to embroider in the detail when all finished. This quilt has waited 8+ years to get started and was bought as a BOM. I'm not too impressed with several of the fabrics, they are not great quality; I just want it out of the way.
Recently completed Block 6: Sunflowers.

And for something completely different, I made and almost completed this little handbag for my Granddaughter on the weekend. I'm delighted to say I'll be heading to the South Coast of Eastern Australia (about 5 1/2 hrs drive for me) to see my daughter & precious little girl very soon. Cannot wait to see them and get my hug fix.


Angus enjoying some sunshine recently
(not on these frosty mornings though)
Til next time
Happy Stitching wherever you may be


  1. That’s a beautiful sunflower panel JulieAnn, and a very special bag for some one special. I like it a lot simple but stylish. Cheers Glenda.

    1. Why Thankyou Glenda, but it is myself Linda (LJ) doing the writing. Hope you enjoy our work and come back soon. We need followers
      xx Linda