26 July 2018

Life's Blessings

Well I totally missed this week's WIP Wednesday link up; the weekend trip to visit my girls on the coast caught up with me. I also had not managed any stitching since then either.

Grandchildren = Life's Blessings

My little treasure Miller is growing so much in every way, as they do at this age (2 1/2). She is an absolute delight, with boundless non stop energy & Mimmi just isn't used to it anymore, I was exhausted! My Grandmother name was Mim, Miller has changed it to Mimmi & I absolutely love it, just as I adore everything about her.

Some photo's of Miller & her handbag that I made (which she loved) and the lipstick I put in it (which she loved even more). Everywhere we went, had to put the lippy on, but that's what Mummy does!!

I hope you enjoy!

Mummy & Miller in Matching Outfits (someone still putting on lippy)

More lippy needed for car trip

We shared lots of special time playing, mostly in & out of Mimmi's bed. And if it was Miller's bed time, Mimmi had to go rest too. I have a photo of her with eyes closed putting lippy on...but having trouble loading photo's again.
She really is precious.

This is Dharla; she decided I could sit on "her" chair.

She is Everything & More

And to finish off; I managed a few minutes this morning to continue on with the Rail Fence Wedding Quilt. Cutting the strips into squares - the fun part of laying them out is next!!

Hoping this finds you well, wherever in this world you may be

Til Next Time

Happy Stitching


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