18 January 2019

Lets Go ~ 2019!

Hi All

Hello from Hot Australia.

Its hard to believe Christmas & New Year is past us now and we are more than 3/4 way into January.

Here We Go Again!!

We are experiencing extraordinary heat these last weeks with temperatures above 40 Degrees Celcius everyday and it seems won't be letting up for a time. 45 yesterday, today's forecast 44. While where I am in Wagga Wagga NSW, we get these temperatures, its not normally for this length of time. I'm fortunate to work indoors (allbeit the airconditioner has crashed today) but I so feel for everyone who works outdoors and in hot jobs and of course all the animals. 

I've being doing a few bits and pieces, I soon hope to share with you Eyton Hall finished which I decided to quilt myself...because Done is Done Right!!

Here are 2 more blocks of Emma Mary, the quilt from Judy Newman. I've got a little pile done now and need to prepare another batch...the fun part! Will share more photo's soon

My little blossom had her cast removed on Christmas Eve and the beach is now open Bless Her. She accessorised herself on this day and definitely has The Look.

Jane MCgrath rose has bloomed again after being frizzled, she is in a pot and now moved to get some shade during the day. My roses planted in the garden are all holding up really well. 

Angus, doing what he does best to cope in the heat

I hope this post finds you well and happy wherever you may be

Til Next Time
Happy Stitching


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