14 August 2019


Hi All
I just had to share that Irish Circles is Completed and on the Bed!! I'll add some better photo's when the weather is better.

The final stitch on binding

Angus getting comfy in his bed, waiting on me to also go to bed so he can join me.

Frosty winter Mornings on new Ornamental Pear buds 

Happy Stitching
til next time


  1. Oh Linda your Irish Circles look so so beautiful on the bed. Congratulations on such a stunning finish. That bud looks far to cold to me, thank goodness I live in the far North all though it was pretty cold up here on Monday and Tuesday. Cheers Glenda

  2. Thankyou so much Glenda, it feels wonderful to actually have her finished. And yes we've had some cold frosty mornings around minus 3 degrees (celcius for those reading), but they are preferable to fogs that don't lift til the afternoon!
    Enjoy your warmth XXX

  3. Congratulations -- your Irish Circles is magnificent! Taking a picture of the final stitch is such a cool idea. You should take also a picture of the FIRST stitch that goes into a quilt, and then put them next to one another in the last blog post. :-)

  4. Hi Rebecca, thankyou so much!! You know that's a great idea, and somehwere there is possibly a photo of when commencing the centre, its before we started blogging. I did take a photo of when I started the hand quilting though. You can find me on Instagram @mimonmima.
    xx Linda

  5. Awww - Your Angus is a beauty, and THAT QUILT!!!! WOW!! Irish Circles is a spectacular finish.

  6. Exquisite work, Linda...had a bit of a look around your blog. Lovely projects and great quilting! Curious what foot you are using on your Pfaff?

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