12 September 2019

Quilting Morris

Hi Friends

I recently started quilting Expression of Morris using the QAYG method. That part is working wonderfully. However, my Pfaff Expressions 4 gave me all sorts of bother, again, and I was ready to throw it. Each time I start to quilt, even when used 2 weeks earlier, those settings gave me grief. Whether it be breaking & shredding thread or jumping stitches the frustration of this temperamental machine and just wanting to sew has driven me to tears. I joined a lovely group on FB and asked for help, which I got lots of. Who knew that reducing the needle tension, considerably, was really the key after all. I kind of thought that this expensive clever machine would set itself correctly when choosing the different applications, as in Free Motion Quilting. It was also suggested to use the Spring loaded foot for echo work so I can slow down and this helped too. So lots of trial and error, we are on a roll and back to happy Pfaffing!

Here are the blocks completed so far:

I recently flew to Melbourne for work and captured the Natural Patchwork Landscape from above

Beautiful Canola Fields in our area of regional NSW Australia. It's a yellow that makes you smile on the Inside, even on a not so bright spring day.

This is Bertie (Albert) as I've named him, the resident Magpie at work who lands for breakfast when I arrive. He also gets lunch and sometimes afternoon snack as well. I don't see his wife Rose as much at the moment as she's busy on the nest and Bertie is collecting food for her. She will come in later in the season when they bring their young one to meet me.

I bought a removable design wall from Amazon (cost $27AU posted from the US). It has eyelets and is attached to sticky hooks - those ones you can remove without tearing the paint. I've had a bit of a play with Emma Mary, a Judy Newman design, to at sometime get onto joining them and not leaving til all 225 are done!

Angus my Fluffy.

And with Wayne my Love, my ever so sweet and thoughtful Husband, who got me away for the weekend for some time out. Am going through some hard times and we are far from the other side of it.
Wherever you are, I hope you are OK. 
Reach out if you are not, because you are Worthy and it's Ok to not be Ok.. you just don't want to stay there

Heartfelt Love


  1. Beautiful work Linda. You take care. Xxxxx

  2. Love your work, and of course the picture of your fluffy.
    Stay well.