10 October 2019

More Morris

Hi Friends
A completed Expression of Morris. This photo is without binding, however it is all done and now on the spare bed. I'm just needing help to take proper photo's.

Angus has given his paw approval of the new quilt

It is Spring now in Australia, which is lovely except the hay-fever has already hit with a vengeance which is bad sign of the season to come. And the start of Spring also means unsettled weather with great variances in temperature. 

I only had 3 tulips this year, but they were lovely. 
I'm really looking forward to my roses blooming

I decided needed a change of view and have started a new project and yes it's another Morris inspired quilt.
Adelaide Floral Sampler by Michele Hill
I bought this from Berrima Patchwork many years ago as a block of the month in the Black version.
I've already decided to make it a wall hanging and not one for the bed - you've seen Angus!!
So its having some minor adjustments to make it smaller

This is it - Adelaide Floral Sampler

Well that's all for today, thankyou for dropping by.
JulieAnn has been on a roll with her quilts - we'll have another catchup soon so I can share some photo's with you.

Also, if you'd like to comment I've had to place a "moderation email" thing on (hoping it works) as I was bombarded with Spam comments on many posts - fingers crossed I've deleted them all!! Such a shame these things, and these people try to ruin it for everyone. 

Til next time

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